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Review of Siemens TK60001 Surpresso S20

(In swedish)

An automatic espresso machine.
Reviewed by Lars Tufvesson January 5, 2005. lars@bizzbook.com

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Comparison and summary

How good is Siemens TK60001 Surpresso S20 as compared to other espresso machines?

Siemens TK60001 Surpresso S20 is not the only automatic espresso machine from Siemens. Siemens also makes two similar but more expensive models:

  • Surpresso S40 has a cover with a silver color, and a more advanced display, that for instance can be used to set the time when the machine should turn itself on. S40 also makes it easier to froth milk, because it has an automatic milk frother.
  • Surpresso S60 looks like S40, but has two separate heating systems: One for brewing espresso and one for frothing milk. In this way, you can make a caffe latte a little faster, since you do not have to wait for heating between the two steps in the process.

Those espresso machines are rather similar, if you look at what they can produce. If you want to pay a little more for a more advanced model, you will get a little extra convenience for the money.

The espresso machines from Jura are a bit more expensive and looks a bit more exclusive, but the result is approximately the same.

Siemens and Jura are one snap better than other automatic espresso machines that were tested by swedish magazine Råd & Rön in December 2004.


Things I liked specifically for Siemens TK60001 Surpresso S20:

  • Already the first espresso we made was good.
  • Already the first caffe latte we made was good.
  • It was easier than I thought to froth milk with the steamer.
  • There is a nice crema on the espresso.
  • A nice price as compared to other automatic espresso machines.

Things I like for automatic espresso machines in general:

  • The newly grinded coffee beans smells nice in the kitchen.
  • You get the same nice result every time you use the machine. Automatic espresso machines make it hart to fail with packaging the espresso/coffee powder, because the machine does it for you.

Things that could be better, specific for Siemens TK60001 Surpresso S20:

  • You can only change the degree of grinding while the grinder is running.
  • There was no instructions on how to make espresso drinks in the package.
  • The pipe where the espresso comes out can be adjusted in height, but not enough to place a high caffe latte cup below.
  • There was no automatic milk frother included (that sucks up the milk from a cup and pours the frothed milk in the serving cup). You will get such a device with the more advanced models from Siemens (CappuccinoControl), but you will pay much for a small accessory if you buy a more advanced model just to get an automatic milk frother. I hope that I can order an automatic milk frother as an accessory from Siemens. If that is not possible, there are other alternatives. For instance, you can buy a Cappuccinatore Automatic Milk Frother Accessory.
  • It is not possible to froth milk at the same time as brewing espresso. To do this, you need two separate heating systems. Surpresso S60 has that.

Things that I do not like, that is valid for all automatic espresso machines:

  • The machines make a little bit of noise when working.
  • It is a bit cumbersome to clean the steamer every day.

What is the final verdict then? Do I recommend you to buy a Siemens TK60001 Surpresso S20 automatic espresso machine? Yes, I do, if you are after an automatic espresso machine that gives both a good result and a good value for money.

If you are on a bargain hunt, make sure you do not pay too much for your automatic espresso machine. There is a lot of air in the price that is recommended here in Sweden.

An alternative is to buy an automatic espresso machine from Jura. They do more exclusive machines for more money. The result (the espresso or caffe latte) is about the same.

A normal (not automatic) espresso machine might fit you better, if you are interested in the manual steps needed to pack the espresso/coffee powder in a good way.

Good luck in your choice of an espresso machine! /Lars Tufvesson


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