Getting here

Morning walk down to one of the beaches in Nerja.

Transfer from Malaga airport – by train, bus and local taxi

From Malaga airport, take the train to Malaga Maria Zambrano, to reach the Malaga bus station.

From Malaga bus station, take the bus to Nerja.

  • Alsa (Departure point = Malaga, Destination = Nerja)

In Nerja, the bus station (Estación de Autobuses de Nerja) is 1300 meters from our townhouse.

  • It is a 16 minute walk, but with luggage you should consider a local taxi.
  • There is a taxi rank at the bus station.
  • Order a taxi to Los Arcos 4 (our townhouse) or Hotel Los Arcos (very near our townhouse).
  • The cost of a normal taxi should be €6 or €7 (2015).
  • Radio taxis Nerja

If you are standing at the entrance of Hotel Los Arcos, you can find our townhouse Los Arcos 4 in the following way:

  • Walk away from the hotel, on the pavement outside the La Braseria Iberica restaurant (=walk towards west).
  • Turn left as soon as possible, and walk along the road that leads down to the sea.
  • On the left hand side, you will see a couple of white townhouses behind a white wall. One of them is Los Arcos 4. The second entrance gate through the wall (after a rounded corner) has a sign that says 4 Los Arcos and it leads to the garden of our townhouse.

Transfer from Malaga airport – by taxi

A taxi from the Malaga airport to Nerja may cost €78 – €100. You can book in advance for a lower rate:

  1. Malaga Cabbie from €65 (2015)
  2. Holiday Transfer from €66 (2015)
  3. Autosol (a well established company) from €76 (2015)

Transfer from Malaga airport – by rental car

From the Malaga airport:

  1. Take the motorway towards Malaga.
  2. Follow the signs towards Almeria, Sevilla, Granada.
  3. Drive towards Almeria.
  4. After about 50 kilometers, take the Nerja exit.
  5. Follow signs towards Nerja.
  6. After a while, there will be a roundabout with Nerja oeste to the right and Nerja este on the left. Take the Nerja este on the left.
  7. Drive straight through all upcoming roundabouts, and look for the Mercadona supermarket on the right.
  8. Turn right immediately after Mercadona (before Hotel Los Arcos).
  9. On the left side of the road, you can see a couple of white townhouses. One of them is your home for the next couple of days: Los Arcos 4.
  10. Parking your car: Take the small slightly uphill road to the left. There is a small “residential parking only” sign indicating the area where you can park.


Pueblo Los Arcos 4 Nerja