Suggested Nerja activities from Trip-N-Travel

Trip-N-Travel suggests that you do the following things when you are in Nerja:

  1. Explore the caves of Nerja
  2. Hike the El Cielo
  3. Swim at the Burriana Beach
  4. Eat Paella at Ayo’s
  5. Go to the Aqueduct of El Aguila
  6. Explore the Rio Chillar
  7. See the Hamlet of Acebuchal
  8. Swim at the Maro Beach
  9. Tour around Frigiliana
  10. Try sea kayaking at Nerja
  11. Visit the Balcon de Europa
  12. See the Parque Verano Azul
  13. Visit the El Salvador church
  14. Visit the Museo de Nerja
  15. Go to the Capistrano Beach
  16. Drop by the Centro Cultural Villa de Nerja
  17. Travel to Papagayo Beach
  18. Stroll along Punta Lars
  19. Ride bike at Nerja
  20. Visit the Botanical Garden in Nerja

Lars comment: I do not trust this list to 100 %. For instance:  For me, Capistrano Beach (15) is an area of apartments (Capistrano Playa) close to Burriana Beach (3).

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The most charming coastal town in Spain

Nerja has been voted as the most charming coastal town in Spain.

  • Nerja got 5173 votes.
  • The competition was arranged by Hotel Info, a website.
  • Hotel Info gave voters 26 coastal towns to choose from, all with less than 35 000 residents.
  • Voting was open between April 12 and May 3, 2016.

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Day trips from Nerja

Here are a couple of ideas for day trips from Nerja, suitable for a family.

Nerja Caves and Maro

  • Large cave system that is one of Spain’s main tourist attractions.
  • Car, bus and/or walk.
  • “I would also have a morning walk or take the bus to Maro to see the amazing Nerja caves then walk into Maro for lunch.
  • Learn more about the Nerja Caves: The Nerja Caves
  • Fundacion Cueva de Nerja: Visit the Cave


  • Pretty little white village.
  • Bus (1 Euro on the bus – pay the driver)
  • The Frigiliana market is on Thursdays.
  • Learn more about Frigiliana at Frigiliana Today: Welcome to Frigiliana

Malaga city

  • Malaga is a nice city with some great buildings, tapas bars, shops and a nice new port area.
  • Easy access from Nerja by bus. Car also possible, but plan where to park.

Alhambra de Granada

  • Palace and fortress complex.
  • Wikipedia: Alhambra
  • Learn more: Alhambra de Granada
  • Plan your visit to Alhambra
  • How a day trip by bus from Nerja may be like:
  • Before the day of visit:
    • Read about ticket sales in advance and book ticket online through Ticketmaster. You can for instance book the Nasrid Palaces for 12:30 pm.
    • Print out tickets at the La Caixa bank ATM behind the main church in Nerja.
    • Book the bus 6:30am bus from Nerja for the day of visit, since the ticket office is not open that early.
  • On the day of visit:
    • Take the 6:30am bus from Nerja.
    • Arrive at the Granada bus station after a beautiful two-hour drive up the mountains.
    • Go up the stairs, and buy a bus ticket to the Cathedral for around 2 euros. Bus 3 or 33.
    • At the Cathedral, take the Alhambra mini buses for 2 euros to the Alhambra entrance.
    • You may consider bringing your own lunch, since there is not that many places to buy food.
    • To get back to Nerja, take the buses in reverse order.
    • You may take the bus to Nerja at 4pm or 5:30pm.


  • A town in the mountains where bull fighting was born.
  • Car. Far away, but might be worth it.
  • Ronda
  • Tripadvisor: Ronda

La Herradura


Is there a hardware store in Nerja?

Answer 1: Ferretería Martín Hardware SL on Calle Almirante Ferréndiz has it all. Best in town, according to us.

Answer 2: Ferretería Bricojardín on Calle de Almería 2 has a lot to offer.

Answer 3: There are two hardware stores on Calle Almirante Ferrándiz.

Answer 4: There is one on Calle Almería, between Calle Antonio Ferrandiz and Calle el Chaparil. This is near the Supersol supermarket. There are also several hardware stores on the road to Frigiliana.

Answer 5: There is a hardware store on the top of Calle Granada, before the locksmith.

Answer 6: There is a hardware store in Frigiliana (seven minutes by car). When coming from Nerja: Take right in the first roundabout, then you will find the store on the left hand side after a while.

Answers translated and refined from Nerja friends Scandinavia.

How much is a cab from Malaga airport to Nerja?

Answer 1: Taxi Bus Nerja takes 65 euro and has a very good service.

Answer 2: Malaga shuttle bus takes 20 euro per person. Note that you must book in advance.

Answer 3: 65 euro if you book with a taxi company in Nerja. Valid for up to four persons.

Answer 4: The price varies depending on if it is weekday or weekend. During the day it is between 65 and 80 euro. After midnight, it is 110 euro.

Answer 5: 70 euro if you order it from Nerja. More expensive at the airport.

Answers translated and refined from Nerja friends Scandinavia