Day trips from Nerja

Here are a couple of ideas for day trips from Nerja, suitable for a family.

Nerja Caves and Maro

  • Large cave system that is one of Spain’s main tourist attractions.
  • Car, bus and/or walk.
  • “I would also have a morning walk or take the bus to Maro to see the amazing Nerja caves then walk into Maro for lunch.
  • Learn more about the Nerja Caves: The Nerja Caves
  • Fundacion Cueva de Nerja: Visit the Cave


  • Pretty little white village.
  • Bus (1 Euro on the bus – pay the driver)
  • The Frigiliana market is on Thursdays.
  • Learn more about Frigiliana at Frigiliana Today: Welcome to Frigiliana

Malaga city

  • Malaga is a nice city with some great buildings, tapas bars, shops and a nice new port area.
  • Easy access from Nerja by bus. Car also possible, but plan where to park.

Alhambra de Granada

  • Palace and fortress complex.
  • Wikipedia: Alhambra
  • Learn more: Alhambra de Granada
  • Plan your visit to Alhambra
  • How a day trip by bus from Nerja may be like:
  • Before the day of visit:
    • Read about ticket sales in advance and book ticket online through Ticketmaster. You can for instance book the Nasrid Palaces for 12:30 pm.
    • Print out tickets at the La Caixa bank ATM behind the main church in Nerja.
    • Book the bus 6:30am bus from Nerja for the day of visit, since the ticket office is not open that early.
  • On the day of visit:
    • Take the 6:30am bus from Nerja.
    • Arrive at the Granada bus station after a beautiful two-hour drive up the mountains.
    • Go up the stairs, and buy a bus ticket to the Cathedral for around 2 euros. Bus 3 or 33.
    • At the Cathedral, take the Alhambra mini buses for 2 euros to the Alhambra entrance.
    • You may consider bringing your own lunch, since there is not that many places to buy food.
    • To get back to Nerja, take the buses in reverse order.
    • You may take the bus to Nerja at 4pm or 5:30pm.


  • A town in the mountains where bull fighting was born.
  • Car. Far away, but might be worth it.
  • Ronda
  • Tripadvisor: Ronda

La Herradura